The Russian Tortoise 
Agrionemys horsfieldii ( Testudo horsfieldii)  

Edible plants Plants as food for tortoises

The following list of plants is to be used as a guide for safely landscaping your pens and providing a better variety of weeds to feed. The edible landscaping plants may or may not be eaten/liked by your tortoise. Happy landscaping !!!


malva sylvestri




Latin name Common name/s edible parts

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Abutilon hybridum 

Flowering Maple 

all  Edible Plants
Achillea millefolium   Yarrow  all  Achillea millifolium
Aegopodium podagraria  bishop's goutweed;
ground elder
all  Aegopodium podagaria page
Agave sp. Agave leaves Edible Plants
Alcea Rosea    Hollychock all
Alchemilla vulgaris    Lady's Mantle all  Lary's Mantle
Aloe Vera    Aloe  all
althaea officinialis   Marsh Mallow all  Marsh mallow
Amoracia rusticana    Horseraddish leaves  pictures
Anthriscus sylvestris    Cow parsley  all
Apium graveolens    Celeriac all  pictures

Arrhenatherum elatius 
  Tall oat grass  all

Bellis perennis 
English Daisy all

Buddleia spp.
Butterfly Bush   Nature Hills
Calendula officinalis   Pot Marigold all  Calendula officinalis
Capsella bursa-pastoris  Shepard's purse  all  cap_bur.jpg
Cichorium intybus  Chicory  all  chicory
Cirsium arvense  Canadian Thistle;
Californian Thistle;
Creeping Thistle
Comfrey.. Symphtum officinale  Comfrey  all  Cedar Creek Nature Studies
Crepis biennis  Rough hawksbeard  all  Asteraceae
Cynara scolymus   Artichoke all
Cynodon dactylon  Bermuda Grass  all
Edible Plants
Cynosurus cristatus  Crested dogtail  all
Dactylis glomerata  Orchard grass  all

Edible Plants
Dahlia spec  Dahlia  all   
Daucus carota  Wild carrot  all
Echinacea purpurea Echinacea/purple cone flower  all  Edible Plants
Eriocephalus africanus   wild rosemary all
Festuca arundinacea  Reed fescue  all
Festuca pratensis  Meadow fescue  all
Festuca rubra commutata  Chewings fescue  all   picture only
ficus carica   fig leaves
Foeniclum vulgare   fennel all   picture only
Fragaria vesca  European wood strawberry  all
Galium verum  Yellow bedstraw  all
Hemerocallis sp.   day lillies all
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis  Hibiscus  all  Edible Plants
Holcus lanatus  Velvet grass  all
Ipomoea batatas   Sweet Potato Leaves Edible Plants
Lamium Album   White Deadnettle all
Lamium purpureum Purple Deadnettle all Edible Plants
Lamium amplexicaule Henbit all wikipedia
Leontodon hispidus  Rough hawkbit  all
Lolium multiflorum  Italian ryegrass  all
Lolium perenne  Perennial ryegrass  all
Lotus corniculatus  Birdsfoot trefoil  all
Lythrum salicaria  Purple Loosestrife  all  wikipedia 
Malva sylvestris  Hollyhock or mallow  all  Edible Plants
Medicago Lupulina  Black medick  all
Mesembryanthemaceae family Ice Plants leaves and flowers Edible Plants
Morus spec.  mullberry leaves
Nasturtium officinale  Watercress  all
Opuntia spec  Prickly Pear  all  Edible Plants
origanum vulgare  Oregano  all  wikipedia
Eschscholzia californica California Poppy  all    Carolina Pet Supply
Petunia hybrida  Petunia all
Phleum pratense  Timothy  all
Plantago lanceolota  English plantain  all  Edible Plants
Plantago major  Common plantain  all
Plantago media  Hoary plantain  all
Poa pratensis  Kentucky bluegrass  all
Portulaca Oleracea  Purslane  leaves and stems

Edible Plants
Raphanus stivus  radish leaves
Ribes nigrum  Black Currant  leaves  wikipedia
Rosa canina  Wild Rose  all 
Rosa gallica Domestic Rose petals
Rubus fruticosus  Blackberry leaves & flowers

Edible Plants
rubus ideus  Raspberry  leaves & flowers
Chia all CPS
Garden sage  all  Edible Plants
Salvia pratensis  Meadow sage  all
Schlumbergera Xmas Cactus all wikipedia
Stellaria Media  Chickweed  all  Chickweed
Taraxacum offinicialis  dandelion  all  Edible Plants
Tragopogon pratensis  Goat's beard  all
Trifolium hybridum  Alsike clover  all  Trifolium_hybridum_
Trifolium incarnatum  Crimson clover  all  Carolina Pet Supply
Trifolium repens  White clover  all  trifolium repens
Tropaeolum majus  Nasturtium  all  CPS

Edible Plants
Urticaceae   Nettle all
Viola arvensis  Field pansy  all  wikipedia
Viola tricolor  Johnny jump-up  all
Vitis vinifera 
Vitis labrusca 
 Grapes leaves  wikipedia

Edible Plants
rubus ideus  Raspberry  leaves & flowers
verbascum densiflorum  Mullien  all  wikipedia





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