The Russian Tortoise 
Agrionemys horsfieldii ( Testudo horsfieldii)  

Russian Tortoise Hatchling Growth Records

Tortoise Twins
Egg laid 4/19/2004
26grams 50.11mm long

Hatched 6/15/2004
(2nd egg in clutch hatched 6/22/2004 and weighed 19g)
 Pictures are at Hatchling pictures

A russiant tortoise twin



        Twin #1                                                              Twin #2

Date weight length width   weight length width
6/15/2004 4grams 26.53mm 26.55mm   11grams 34.37mm 33.35mm
6/17/2004 5g 28.48mm 25.60mm   13g 36.46mm 33.74mm
6/22/2004 5g 28.5mm 25.60mm   14g 37mm 34.25mm
6/29/2004 6g 30.68mm 26.13mm   17g 41.03mm 35.88mm
7/6/20047g 30.71mm26.27mm  19g43.81mm38.24mm
7/13/20048g 31.02mm26.89mm   23g45.13mm 40.66mmv
7/31/20048g31.08mm27.95mm  25g45.61mm41.97mm
8/14/20049g 32.93mm28.22mm   27g45.62mm 41.99mm
8/30/200411g34.44mm29.40mm  32g50.09mm45.98mm
9/30/200415g 39.49mm32.73mm   40g53.89mm 48.31mm
10/30/200422g45.60mm40.46mm  43g55.88mm50.22mm
11/30/200434g 50.24mm45.12mm   58g60.35mm 55.14mm
12/31/200441g56.35mm49.03mm  73g66.29mm60.15mm
1/31/2000550g 57.88mm52.79mm   89g70.54mm 64.22mm
2/28/200554g59.22mm53.15mm  104g74.62mm67.14mm
3/31/200559g 62.36mm54.86mm   115g78.20mm 71.21mm
4/30/200566g64.71mm58.24mm  118g79.07mm71.87mm
5/31/200571g 66.82mm61.39mm   121g79.98mm 72.26mm
1 year
78g 68.70mm 62.44mm  121g 82.04mm72.94mm
7/31/200582g70.21mm63.51mm  122g82.85mm73.21mm
8/31/200588g 72.35mm64.81mm   129g84.28mm 74.27mm
9/30/200597g74.78mm66.07mm  135g86.17mm76.97mm
10/31/2005102g 74.83mm66.81mm   166g88.69mm 77.23mm
11/30/2005103g75.28mm66.84mm  167g90.25mm79.67mm
12/31/2005106g 75.92mm66.96mm   167.8g90.52mm 79.74mm
1/31/2006115.4g76.16mm67.85mm  177.8g91.22mm80.67mm
2/28/2006120.5g 76.64mm68.67mm   177.9g92.5mm 81.64mm
3/31/2006121.4g77.21mm69.04mm  181.02g93.11mm81.99mm
4/30/2006124.4 79.22mm69.08mm   181.3g93.25mm 82.01mm
05/31/2006130.2g81.48mm70.32mm  181.8g93.60mm82.45mm
2 years
142.9g 82.56mm71.61mm  201.70g 95.97mm83.70mm
07/31/06143.52g82.81mm71.66mm  208.61g96.11mm83.71mm
08/31/06144.25g 82.94mm71.72mm   213.54g96.23mm 83.78mm
09/30/06145.61g83.11mm71.81mm  218.47g96.49mm83.98mm
10/31/06145.91g 83.19mm71.95mm   219.96g96.87mm 84.01mm
08/29/10296.12g110mm 87.38mm  359.51g121.59mm 99.37mm
12/05/13         445.0g 133..61mm 108.24mm






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